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A huge thank you to my family, Gillian, Rachael and Lorna, for putting up with my absences for training and planning and supporting me through the preparation and actual run. A special thank you to Lorna for coaching me, for working out the training schedule and stretches, and for encouraging me when I didn’t think I could do it. And for helping me set up at the start and running with me at the end,which was very special. A special thank you to Gillian for making space in a busy life to run around Scotland after me and organising the welcome at the finish.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Jane for meeting up and retrieving the rucksack at Inchlaggan and for joining me on part of the route.  And to Kathryn for the hugs and encouragement at Bridge of Balgie as well as all the dark chocolate Tunnocks.


Thanks to Lorna for doing the website for me ( Thank you to Fiona at Forest Hill Practice,  Tarporley and Matt at Kennington Osteopaths, for sorting out various  muscle issues before the run.


All the folk I stayed with were great and I’d like to thank them too:

Martin and Vanessa at Otter Lodge, Broadford

Maggie Cameron at Marabhaig, Glenelg

Joe and Isobel at Kinloch Hourn Farm

Heather and Nick at Dalcomera, Gairlochy

Jan at the SYHA Hostel, Loch Ossian

Heather and Eddie at Bridge of Gaur Guesthouse

Jason and Melanie at Milton Eonan, Glen Lyon

Amanda at the Lochearnhead Hotel

A massive thank you to everyone who sponsored me. 

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