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Kit List: Weight around 5kg with water ( 0.75-1litre at start) ...All in a dry sac


Wallet,  Camera and charger,   Phone and charger,   Satellite phone and charger,   GPS,   Spare batteries,   Head torch,   Compass,   maps,   whistle,    map case,   First aid kit including compede and paracetamol,   Deet and tick remover,   Bladder and electrolyte tablets,   

Waterproof top and trousers,   Running shorts,   2x base layers,   3x socks,   Innov Roclite shoes,   Warm top,   Headband,   

Leggings/pants/slippers for evening

Emergency “space”blanket,  Tissues,   pen,   paper



Reading glasses

Lunch + 2 flapjacks +chocolate bar

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